What You Need to Know About Me!

I was born on New Years Eve in Los Angeles & grew up in the Valley. Normal life, fairly normal childhood & started to notice boys at around 12. Yes, I started young but I couldnt't help it! :) I started having sex when I was 15 with my boyfriend after fooling around with guys before him, but not actual "Sex".

How did I get into "The Industry"? I went to a nail salon one day & ran into a girl I grew up with, who showed me a magazine she had just shot for, & I was dying to do something like that! She took me to her video shoot that same day & as soon as we walked in the director was right on me! He was telling me how much money I could make & that I'd be a star, blah blah blah...well I went to 3 more shoots before I decided to try it myself. At that time I had still only had sex with my first boyfriend, & here I was about to do it with someone I had never even met before! I was very nervous until I saw the camera on me & at that moment I realized I was a full-blown exhibitionist! I LOVED it! This was all just days after my 18th birthday, & from then until I was 21 I did over 240 videos & more than 30 magazines! Now I shoot videos & photos for my websites & do an occasional project if it's a really good one & looks like fun! :) So Join My Site & see me do my thing Live on my webcam! ~xoxo, Mariah

Favorite Food: Italian of course!
Favorite Position: On top & doggy!
Favorite TV Show: Law & Order
Music on My Ipod: R&B, Tupac
Height & Weight: 5'5" 122
Hobbies: Shopping & Sex! Duh!
My Best Friend: Vanessa
Am I Bi-Sexual? Most Definitely
Favorite Place: Tuscany, Italy
Place I want to go: Paris
Biggest Turn On: Secure People
Biggest Turn-Off: People who judge
Favorite Male PornStar: Julian
Favorite Female PornStar: Me!
Favorite Website Owner: Camz Dan!